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Why Join the Dakota Marketplace?

Joining the Dakota Marketplace provides you with an advantage when you are looking at your advertising budget. We offer a network of locations in a tiered approach to digital billboard advertising that allows you to customize your campaigns using single or multiple tiers at incredible prices. As a customer, we also offer you the flexibility to increase your impressions during your term to pump up your visibility for those special events or seasonal offerings.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the DM and experience being part of extraordinary. 

Digital Billboards

A Network of Digital Billboards at 90% Discount.

Tier 1 - 50 impressions per day at $50/mo.

Tier 2 - 200 impressions per day at $150/mo.

Contact us for details.

Pump it UP

Members enjoy the flexibility of increasing their digital billboard impressions to 1400 on a full size digital billboard anytime during their advertising term.

Contact us for details.


As a member of Dakota Marketplace, we also provide you the ability to use our Coupon Program to let your customers know about special offers or events, at no extra cost.

Online Marketing

Members also are listed on mobile friendly web & social sites that we host. Your message reaches more customers as we put your information literally

in their hands.

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